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Dutch Design Week | Donation

Dutch Design Week | Donation

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A small donation to help contribute to the fees that occur when exhibiting at design shows.

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Why we are we exhibiting?

We're at the beginning of an exciting journey, filled with a lot of potential growth opportunities for our brand. Our vision is to; release new, styled ranges of adaptive furniture and objects, reinvestment back into the brand to facilitate growth, and nurture meaningful collaborations with like-minded charities and designers. To realise this vision, we recognise the importance of establishing a strong public presence.

Dutch Design Week emerges as the perfect platform to accelerate this process. Drawing in a diverse global audience, including professionals, consumers, and influential journalists, this event offers a unique opportunity. Our aim is to use our presence at Dutch Design Week as a canvas to illustrate the fusion of beauty, adaptability, and sustainability within our furniture collection.

How does your donation make a difference?

Your support plays a pivotal role in every step of our journey. Your contribution directly helps cover critical expenses, including entry fees, exhibiting fees, transportation, accommodation, and the curation of captivating displays for events like Dutch Design Week. These expenses are essential for effective participation in shows, enabling us to present our furniture and objects with impact and flair. Allowing NINETY to focus our resources on producing more furniture. brining more products to the market. By lightening the financial load, your donation empowers us to concentrate our resources on the creation and launch of further designs.

To be transparent we have estimated the costs below;

  • Entry Fee | €120
  • Exhibiting fee | €580
  • Transport | €200
  • Accomodation | €520

What you'll receive through your donation?

Your contribution to our cause is deeply appreciated, and we believe in showing our gratitude in a meaningful way. As a token of our appreciation for your generosity, you will receive a carefully curated thank you package, which includes:

DDW Highlights: You'll receive a comprehensive summary of our Dutch Design Week execution, offering insights into the event's most remarkable moments and achievements.

Visual Memories:
We'll share a selection of striking photographs from our exhibition, allowing you to relive the experience and witness the impact of your support firsthand.

Branded Merch: In addition to these items, you'll find a set of stickers in your care package, each designed to reflect the essence of our brand and for you to stick away with.

Your support is truly appreciated, and we look forward to sharing these tokens of appreciation with you. More information regarding Dutch Design week can be found here.

thank you.