• We create objects that evoke movement, adaptation, and customisation.

    Good design should provide the consumer with value. Value adjacent to the objects primary function. NINETY objects are adaptable in nature and are designed to be used in a variety of environments and cater to many needs.

    Our aesthetic outlasts trends and fads, due to their customisable character. Creating design that is truly sustainable in manufacture, material, and use.

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  • We want to make good design accessable and sustainable.

    We only sell objects that are made from completley circular materials. If it can not return to its initial state, we don't design with it.

    We aim to keep our object pricing as transparent and fair as possible. As we are an independent store and design all our products in house, we are able to price our objects without having to compensate for outsourced design, sales agents, and retail fees.

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  • We are design orientated, culture motivated, and future considered.

    We are considerate, transparent, and honest. Displaying our energy consumption and C02 production for every object when available. Sustainability is not our only focal point. We value culture and what it brings to our communities. Nurturing cross-discipline pollination. Collaborating where possible to bridge the gap in design, culture, and diversity.

    We are looking to partner with charities that are dedicated to prolonging and bettering the Art and Design culture within Rotterdam. Where NINETY was formed.

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  • We only design objects that have a circular life cycle.

    We design with the intent to last. For planned longevity, not obsolescence. Adaptability, configuration and customisation collectively create a stimulated user. Building meaning with an object and prolonging its desired lifespan.


    If undesired. We ensure all the steps in design, manufacture, delivery, and end of life have been considered and have minimal lasting impact on our world.

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