Principles to live by.

We stick to a set of guidelines to ensure every object is designed and delivered to the highest level, without lasting impact on our world.

  • Design orientated.

    Our objects evoke interaction.
    We utilise singular manufacturing processes to create honest objects.
    Our objects are always transported unassembled.
    Our logo is always hand applied in a visually unobtrusive location.

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  • Future considered.

    All materials we use are 100% recyclable.

    We prioritise circular materials in our design process.
    All materials are sourced within the Netherlands.
    Every objects C02 consumption will be calculated and visible when available.
    Every objects energy production will be calculated and visible when available.
    We aim to replace plastics where possible, with more sustainable materials

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  • Culturally motivated.

    We collaborate as frequently as possible with disciplines adjacent to design.
    We support small creative businesses and use our store as a way to promote them.

    We aim to donate 1% of our annual income to Rotterdam Art Council.

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  • Transparent ethics.

    We are completely transparent regarding our process, collaborations, and objects.
    We strive for feedback, considering it throughout our design process.
    We aim to become a registered 1% for the planet company.
    We, not I.

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